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New Year New Season!!

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I Cant believe it is nearly February already! Christmas and New year flew past...all the horses had a slightly more relaxed time but the work load is in full swing now and they are loving it!! Alfie (Farramir) ended his season on a major high after rocking out to The Rolling Stones with our first attempt at music freestyle together and he got a whopping 76% and qualified for the winter regionals in a few weeks! My trainer and friend from Switzerland came over for a few days before christmas and she really set us up for winter training.....Maverick is now working Elementary and Alfie is working Prix St George. 
Leo is going from strength to strength after his time off games last season....he is now in full fittening work and very happy to be top dog again! I am aiming for him to do his first competition at the beginning of April at The College Premier League, I cant believe a whole year has gone by since his last Grand Prix test.....lets hope we pick up where we left off!!
Alfie and I are now entered into the regional finals in Feb which I cant wait for, I've missed the competitions the last few months!

Well i shall keep you posted on how they go and all our other news very soon!

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